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Scary one

Awesome Game,  Nice and short story.

Great Game! The environment was beautiful, the atmosphere was very spooky, and the jump scare was prefect! Loved it!

awesome game


I had fun playing it.

what's the minimum specs?

Yo devs awesome game!!!! I honestly wish there was a chase scene but keep it up!! Definitely make the game longer! 

fuck you retard

Great short game. I got the good ending the fist time. really nice house. wished it was longer with more exploring available... mice anyway. Thanks dev.

Hey I checked out this game and I got to say it was so much fun to play! The story is really well developed and the more I played it the more I was able to figure things out! Well done! Here's my gameplay and full review if you want to check it out :) 

Great game i love it <3

Definitely a step up from Darkness Prevails, and that wasn't even a bad game. As said by others, the feel of the game is damnnn spooky and the pacing is smooth. You are for sure able to maintain the atmosphere you're aiming for, and also make the player feel a certain way about it lol the only thing I'd suggest is using a visual 'indicator' more for whatever you want to make interactive with the player. Exactly what you did with the light switch fixtures, but with everything. I found myself clicking any and everything because I didn't know what I could or couldn't use. I really would like to see what you could develop if you invested double or triple the amount of time it took to develop 'Shadow', just a thought! Looking forward to more!

Great work!

Dang man, this is probably the best horror game on I've seen in quite a long time! That atmosphere is crafted perfectly- and everything seems to flow quite smoothly.  Also just wanted to thank you guys for making the settings able to support my potato PC.

Thank you, i am glad you liked it

If you look up the definition of creepy, you'll see this game referenced in the dictionary as the goto meaning. The game is slightly slow burn, great voice acting but only issue I had is that I kept getting the good ending, I have no idea how to get the bad ending, assuming there is one.

Gave it a go...

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A few quick things to get out of the way before I get into the meat and potatoes of the discussion, firstly, repackage your game outside of the development kit. My steam VR is having a mental breakdown trying to figure out what is going on, and the console commands remain accessible unless you package and export the final product. Besides that rather simple fix, I've got an entire list of issues rattling around upstairs, and I'm about to try and empty them in a semi-legible fashion, wish me luck.

PRO'S:  Some of the tension building moments are quite good, especially segments involving the "SHADOW" character turning off lights while existing as a 2D SHADOW.

I try not to be overly harsh when it comes to ripping into games; as far as I know, this is your first or second attempt, but I feel like there are grievous, almost inexcusable errors throughout the game, such as.

CON'S: Texture inconsistency, most textures throughout the game have issues rendering the correct brightness, while some objects just stand out almost as if they had a spotlight directly above them, in complete pitch-black areas, some doors and doorknobs are practically invisible. I went out of my way to include all the times I noticed these issues within the video, so they are easy for you to find and fix.

The voice acting was acceptable, but the story was a complete waste of time. An abusive father may or may not be possessed isn't exactly new, but what could be new is a 2D monster that works in shadows, maybe focusing on that instead of a rather strange almost B plot.

Finally, the endings, oh god, the endings. Inventory glitches that waste 45 minutes of my life. While I am more than happy to give leeway to games that attempt multiple endings, there's no reason to include an endless array of red herrings. Ultimately unnecessary items and notes add no context or story and are failed attempts to make the game seem more profound than it is.

If you are going to bait the player into thinking there is a "Good Ending" maybe bother trying to create one outside of a meme, or at least include some form or hint or guide towards actually acquiring it.

Overall I'd say the game is a weird mix of incompleteness and generally feels like playing a buggy mess. A summation of my thoughts can be located in the video version of this that I'll post below. I hope you continue to make games, you have passion, and I think with just a few more tweaks and touches this could be a pretty solid entry into your library.

Interesting horror game!  I gave the game a try and included in my newest video! 

Good, short horror game. reminded of older horror games. But loved it

hi, big thx for the game. good ending for rosti, greetings 😀

I need a chainsaw

Great game, would love to know what the good ending is.

Played this for a Random Horror Games video, really cool game.


I keep getting softlocked in the room that is proceeded by a long corridor and that leads into the curtain in your room, I have no clue what to do.


Very neat game, spicy jumpscares, loved it in general, I would recommend it to anyone with a couples of minutes to spare I promise you won't regret it !


Contains spoilers:
I liked this game!
It has cool graphics I really enjoyed them! The sounds were okay, pretty generic but regardless, they were cool as well as the voice acting, it's not bad! 
The environment is a little generic aswell but scary nonetheless. I really liked how when you looked through that one door which leads to the basement you see that statue looking at you, that's kinda cool.
I liked the one jumpscare where you went into the basement and you couldn't open the door and then someone or something ran up on you behind you :D I got jumpscared. 
So there is a good and a bad ending. The good ending is just going to bed. The thing is that you can just do it straight in the beginning, you dont have to collect the flashlight, you dont have to go downstairs - nothing. You can just press E on your bed and boom you got the good ending. I don't know if that is planned but for me personally I would make the character first explore the house etc... 
I really liked how the tapes went crazier and crazier after each one, I loved the last tape so much! That's where I started getting chills and also those sound effects after that one... The bad ending was pretty cool aswell! You had to go through those doubledoors and the floor kept expanding and I liked that! And finally when you enter your house as a little kid, you run upstairs and see your dad. I like how he just stared at the tapes and listened to them, was really scary! But that jumpscare at the end was kinda expected and meh
Also I would've loved to have some subtitles to those tapes since I couldn't understand all of it (not a native speaker) and I think that wouldn't be so much of an effort :D
Also I had no clue what the syringe with that green liquid was supposed to be for? That's still an open question.
The atmosphere overall was really really good!
Thanks for this awesome experience :)

8/10 = 4 stars <3


Thank you for such a good review.

When i started this game it was just a throw together thing until i saw that it had some potential. This was just a learning game for me, although there isn't much horror aspects in this game, I think the ones that are in the game are OK.

I wanted to try out a two way ending and i admit that the good ending is a bit lazy but it is just practice for me to make a better game along the line.

The story was a last thing i came up with. It is quite weak but at least there is a story. Most indie horror games don't have much of story but i wanted to make the player have a little interest.

i love this game i look forward to some more games similar to this

(1 edit)

I have noticed the way of how you made this game by a glance at the mechanics, for an example when you go to the downstairs  you are able to hear the whisper sounds and when you go back neither 2 to 3 steps from that location you meet with the silence once again.Overall game was alright, i kinda surprised to the game's graphics compared to it's file size.Later i checked out the game files and found out UE4 game engine.I don't know you would want to take suggestions but just take a look.

-The hardest part of a game is absolutely developing a story.Pay attention to the term i just used."Developing" not "Writing", you need to read a lot and need to get information about the kind of game you are going to develop.

(I wanted to say the game's story is weak.)

-You are able to use audio so well.It is pretty scary to be honest and  if you mix it with well written story it would be dope.Do not let silence to take over the audio.Put a chill&freaking ost for background and improve effects.

-Lights are not enough, i mean i get it that you need a dark atmosphere for game but just increase the lamp and other lightning tools's coverage area.You can just turn off them in a part of the story if you want to black out the player.

-I see that you haven't really designed the outside area of the house because you can see it by looking at the door in the kitchen.

-A few bugs that i realized : 

1-)You are able to see behind the objects through camera angle by looking directly into the objects.

2-)The audio bug that i specified in the beginning.

3-)I just pressed E on curtain in the first room and got good ending somewhow tf.I don't know if it's a bug or not.



I loved the graphics and the sound design but did you use the textures form pacify? it looks a lot like that game

Your game was the first  one i played


Yeah they used the same asset i used from the marketplace (Its called classic mansion) 

nice sounds, its what u cant see... but hear... thats scary:) visuals  not that important:) i like 



great game! Please check out my play through below 

Thank you. I am glad i scared you at the end :)


Hello! I loved your game and thought it was really well made. I used in as part of my latest "3 Scary Games" series. Thanks for making a fun and scary game =) 

Thank you for playing it.

No problem! 


If I ever see tapes around my home I would be worried haha. I do wish there were some subtitles for the intro and the tapes. The pacing and the darkness was very nice. I am actually glad the batteries do not drain super fast. Visually it is great and impressive. I have no clue how to get the good ending since I have no idea what the tapes said except heavy breathing haha.

Yeah i am sorry about that, i will make sure to add subtitles to the tapes.


Overall, this was a good experience! Visually, the game looked really good. Story wise, I felt it could've had a bit more substance, but it was good nonetheless! Great job! 

Thank you


The game looked PHENOMENAL for such a short game! I only got one ending but it was the good ending so I'm happy lol. I made a gameplay on it in my recent 3 scary games and it's the 3rd game!

Thank you very much

Loved the game. Awesome job!

Thanks dude. Your video was entertaining 

😁I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for making this game! 


This was very short but still got a lot of potential.

judging by the screenshots, something labor-intensive and high-quality

Thank you very much :)

Played this game yesterday is a decent horror

Thank you

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