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I love this game but I didn' get very far because the flashlight kept dying and I couldn't fin the basement. Good game very realistic!

i like what u did here

Very interested in seeing what you do with this game.  I think everything looks beautiful, and I appreciate that there are puzzles and inventory management elements included. The one critique I have is that batteries feel like they drain too quickly. 

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Cool Demo!  Your game really stands out from the other indie horror games on this site.  Small details, like no "press E" when you get closer to objects you can interact with, really add to the gameplay and atmosphere. Cheers!

Thank you

Great Demo!! thank you so much for sharing your creation. Looking forward to the full game :)


Thank you for playing

Great little demo. Atmosphere is great, got stuck on the batteries though. That's my fault though, I may have been too high.

Thanks for playing and making a video.

Hey there! I recommend trying to get your game uploaded directly to itch if possible so people can easily manage and install it with the client, though I don't remember what the requirements are for that or if you can do that with such a large file. Having to download files externally can sometimes put users off from trying your game. 

Yeah i am trying to find out an easy way to upload large files as the requirement is 1GB and my game is over the requirement. Google drive is currently the only option i have at the minute.

No problem. Hopefully something will make it easier for you devs that have large files since you usually have great games worth playing!

really enjoyed it!                                                                                                                                    super excited for the full game!

here's the gameplay ;)

Thank you i appreciate it.

good game

Thank you

Hi, I hope you put more work into  this  i really want to  see a full version, heres my gameplay hope you enjoy:


Thank you i much appreciate you playing.

Hello, I appreciate letting me try this game, very good, I would improve the shadows, I want you to subscribe to my YouTube channel link:

Thanks, i will.

Nice short Demo ,  And sound ambiance is great , My gameplay is here ;)


Thank you for playing.

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